Our classes are taught in a fun and physically challenging way. While learning valuable life lessons, you are losing weight, getting fit, reducing stress and having tons of fun! We’ve got classes for beginners, adults, kids, men, women. Each class is tailored to your abilities.


Little Tigers

Classes for kids ages 4-6, where the kids learn the basic fundamentals of Taekwon-Do, along with the 5 tenets of Taekwon-Do.

Kids (Leadership Classes)

All our kids are empowered to become leaders and serve their community. They have the opportunity to take on leadership roles such as teaching and mentoring.


Our adult classes have no age requirement. The Art of Taekwon-Do is learn at your own pace while being challenged.


After School

Our after school program is unique and powerful. Kids are picked up from school transported to the Dojo, where they have time for snacks and ample time for homework, then its time to train. They get a full Taekwon-Do training experience in self defense, awareness, discipline, building confidence and character.


Spring, Summer & Winter Camps have been packed with exciting field trips almost everyday. We have day camps for days when there is no school and the experience is priceless.


Anti Bullying, Leadership, Women Empowerment.


Women Empowerment Group

Women empowerment workshops are on Saturdays where women empower each other while getting fit, stronger and learning how to defend themselves.